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DAVID LONGORIA was born at a very early age. :) He began singing along with his aunt Betty as she practiced her opera. It raised a few eyebrows as he was only 6 months old. He developed a love for music right away. He started playing the drums and moved to the clarinet. As a 9 year old, his fingers were not big enough to cover the keys. It was at the tender age of 10 he watched trumpet great AL HIRT perform on tv. "That moment I knew I wanted to play the trumpet", says Longoria. "I immediately threw my clarinet down on the couch and said I HAVE to do that!" Growing up poor was a challenge when David decided to learn to play the trumpet. "I asked my parents how I could get a trumpet and they suggested I earn a little money and buy a used one. I found an old golden trumpet hanging in the window of Ben's Loan in my little town. Dino, the owner was amused that I wanted to buy it with my $5 as a downpayment, but he started a layaway for me and about a year and a half later that little beauty was mine, all mine. Sixty Five Dollars is hard to raise in a hurry when you're ten and poor", he remembers. "I loved and appreciated that trumpet so much for all the hard work it was to get." David had the same trumpet gold plated and still plays it to this day. The Salvation Army offered music lessons to build their local brass band so David joined the band and learned to play there. They loaned him a horn to play as he proved he was a wiling and able student. "I played every Sunday at the church and it really taught me how to play and to be dedicated. I practiced every day of my childhood in my front yard. There are still a few neighbors I want to apologize to", he says.

David discovered such great players as Dizzy Gillespie, Herb Alpert, Miles Davis, Arturo Sandoval, Maurice Andre, Freddie Hubbard and Maynard Ferguson. "Each of these players brought something different to the table. I was inspired to learn from all of them", he recounts. "Playing for Dizzy Gillespie was an eye-opener for me, David says. "One time I played a jazz solo and Dizzy said to me 'I really dug your solo' to which I said 'nah... I can play better than that'. Dizzy was offended and said 'Don't EVER insult me like that! When someone says they dug your solo just shut up and say thank you. Otherwise you are telling them they have bad taste'. I never made that mistake again!" He went on to play the trumpet for many other artists including Foreigner, James Brown, and Marvin Gaye. When he was 17 he put together his first original music which was released as a contemporary jazz album titled MONTAGE. He featured world class talents WALT WAGNER on piano, GRANT REEVES, sax and more musicians that he convinced to join his debut project. Releasing it on his own, he learned to distribute and promote the record even without the backing of established labels. He sold several thousand copies across the US and Canada before moving to Los Angeles to continue his career.

In Los Angeles David performed regularly at Magic Mountain with his own Dixieland style jazz group called the Walt Dixie World Quartet. This was quite controversial at the time as the amusement park was in a competetive bid to pull tourism from Disneyland across Los Angeles. To further complicate the issue David performed shows at Disneyland, often immediately after a day of shows at Magic Mountain 2 hours drive time away.

David’s ability to perform a vast array of musical styles led to his working in music for TV, Movies and commercials in Southern California. As welcome as the work was financially, David found he was more interested in performing as an artist while writing and producing his own music. Many performances in the US and Europe led to releases in Jazz, pop and Dance genres. David enlisted the talents of Dance R&B singer Cece Peniston to be featured on his rhythmic song Deeper Love. The song was well received by the dance and pop communities as evidenced by it’s climb on the US Billboard dance charts to reach #14 on the Top 50. This notable success inspired David to return to the studio to complete a solo album collection as an artist.

David sings and plays the trumpet! He writes his own songs and has written hundreds of songs for other popular artists as well. His Dance/Pop song "Deeper Love" rose to the top of the US Billboard Dance Music Charts. The song features David singing and playing his trumpet along with Dance and R&B singer Cece Peniston. The newest version of the song is directed at Rhythmic Radio and will be released later this year. We will be previewing it here for the fans as well!

David Longoria is one of the world's most exciting trumpetists. He was classically trained before discovering jazz. It was in jazz that he found he had a natural ability to improvise virtually any style of music and take it to new places every time he performs. Diving head first into this artform opened the door to discovery in related types of music from Gospel to R&B, Flamenco and other Latin styles. On the new album, David sings and plays the trumpet as no other artist of our generation.

His new cd (BAILA!) scheduled for international release this year is a testimony to this. It covers a vast territory of music including Jazz, Club, Salsa & Flamenco both intstrumental and vocal. Several guest artists contributed to the album including Guitarists Marc Antoine, Ottmar Liebert, Alejandro de la Valle, Carl Strand, singers Cece Peniston, Jimena, Therese Neaime, Y-Nita Hall, Latisha, Percussion greats Poncho Sanchez, Eddie Rouse, Doug Van Booven, John Reed, Lucas Longoria, and Diva Dairognol. Included in the upcoming collection are also a series of music videos filmed in Spain, Poland, Germany, France, Central America and the United States.

Watch for David's newest Instrumental Dance single "Zoon Baloomba" as it plays everywhere this summer!! It's a fun tribal romp that will make you want to get up and dance. Get ready to move to this!

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